Social work

Creche for children of our community will close!

The children in nursery Grandma Jurema are experiencing various difficulties, the main difficulty now is the structure of the building that is in poor condition with several cracks in the walls, the roof is sagging and other problems that will force children to move from the building without having another destination, and be putting the lives of everyone in the nursery at risk, also compromising the quality of life in the daily lives of our children.

He was made a budget for the construction Saita for the reform of emergency, which would prevent the closure of the nursery (repair of the roof and walls):

R$ 16.800,00Tile colonial CSB 24,000 units
R$2.000,00Madeira paraju for the roof
R$8.000,00Labor roof
R$800,00Repairs floors and walls
R$ 27.600,00