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Sea view (cod. V2395)

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R$ 1.638.000,00

Sea view land in condominium in Arraial d'Ajuda

36 Plots from 1,000m² with preservation of natural vegetation, surrounded by an area of ??environmental protection. A beautiful subdivision in the upper part providing an incredible view to the sea

Condominium of lots with an area of ??more than 85,000 m², 11,000 m² of permanent preservation area and 5,500 m² of green area.


Lots 02, 03 and 05 -------------------------------------------- --- R $ 1150.00 / m2
Lots 07 and 08 ---------------------------------------------- ---- R $ 827.00 / m2
Lots 11, 22 and 32 -------------------------------------------- ---- R $ 525.00 / m2
Lots 24 to 30 ---------------------------------------------- ----- R $ 472.50 / m2
Lots 12 to 21 ---------------------------------------------- ----- R $ 436.00 / m2

Leisure: square, gym equipment and toys made of treated eucalyptus and drinking water.

Security: Safe place with guardhouse, controlled access with gates and electrical controls, internal street in natural stone pavement (cobblestone), all surrounded with galvanized canvas and eucalyptus posts.

prices can be changed at any time without notice

approximately 4km away from the center of Arraial d'Ajuda,
1km from Parracho beach
300 meters from Pitinga beach


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Approximate location

Alto de Pitinga: Um bairro com um dos mais belos visuais das falésias para o mar. Conta com belas residências, condomínios e loteamentos. Privacidade, tranqüilidade e muito verde. Distâncias: Praia: 1km; Centro do Arraial d’Ajuda 3km; Balsa/ Porto seguro 8km; Aeroporto internacional 12km; Trancoso 42km; Praia do Espelho 45km; Caraíva 65 km;BR 101 Eunápolis 65km.